Chanel Eclosion Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme Lipstick and Boy de Chanel Brows: Bright Lips and a Beret

chanel Eclosion swatch jan 2021
Bonne année!

I was going for a little French girl flair today, hence the beret. Admittedly, I’m also wearing it because I didn’t feel like dealing with all the stray, crazy baby hairs sticking out of my head at every angle this morning…so I just covered them up, hahaha!

I need more berets in my life.

chanel ecolsion swatch jan 2021
I love this type of makeup look!

What, exactly, is French girl chic? To me, it’s easygoing yet elegant — makeup that isn’t heavy-handed or harsh, so no severe contouring or bladed brows or big spiderweb falsies.

I’m here for it!

Actually, I’m here for any makeup at all, LOL! I didn’t wear much over the holidays, and it feels good to get back into it.

Here I’m wearing bold but basic lips with just a single lipstick, softly defined eyes, a light cheek flush and a sheer base.

Most of the products I’m wearing are Chanel (French girl vibe and all), with a couple of the pieces from the new Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

 chanel ecolosion primtemps
Today’s color palette

First is a bright, velvety matte reddish coral lipstick called Eclosion. It’s a lightweight, pigmented lipstick that feels so smooth and soft on my lips; however, despite being full coverage and matte, it does transfer a little, so if you’re going around kissing things, including humans, dogs and cats, you’ll leave lipstick marks all over the place.

chanel Eclosion swatch jan 2021
Her little face, LOL!

The highlighter I’m wearing on my upper cheekbones is the lighter peach shade from the Fleur de Pritemps highlighter/blush duo. It has a lovely subtle, satin shine and works well with peach and coral blushes, which leads me to Malice blush… Good ol’ Chanel Malice! If you wear warm peachy coral blushes like MAC Melba well, you will LOVE this satiny blush. It’s part of the Chanel permanent collection and looks fantastic with most lip colors. I’ve been wearing and loving it for years.

Last, but certainly not least, the brows! I’m wearing a bolder brown than usual, thanks to Boy de Chanel in Deep Brown, my new favorite brow pencil. It’s from the Boy de Chanel sub-collection, which is marketed as makeup for dudes, but ya know…you won’t turn into a pumpkin or anything if you’re a lady and use it, LOL! I like it because the pencil isn’t too soft and creamy and therefore has a good wear time, and I also like how pigmented it is. Good stuff!

chanel eclosion swatch jan 2021
Thank you for your gift of brows, Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil.

Makeup worn in this look

Speaking of berets…

I’m still hoping to find a dark reddish purple beret in a secondhand store one of these days!

One of my favorite Prince songs

Dare to dream!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,