Saturday Surfing, Dec. 19, 2020

cocobaby did my makeup
Her smize, though!

Well, this is probably the best makeup I’ve worn in weeks.

Possibly months.

This is what the first day of Christmas break looked like ’round these parts. First, Coycoy did my lewk, and when I asked her to break down the essentials she said, “It’s bold. It’s fashion. It’s a mustache.” 😂

Then she did her own FOTD.

cocobaby putting on makeup

cocobaby unblended lip

cocobaby putting on brows

Seriously, how did this child figure out that unblended, over-drawn, ’90s style lip on her own?! LOL! I will never know.

On that note, this week’s reading!

I may or may not have just added everything in this video to my wishlist.

This look is super pretty.


When two worlds collide!

Because I’ve watched all the episodes of The Crown and I neeeeeeed MOAR

How’s it going?! What are your plans for the day? Rosie and I have some wrapping (rapping?) to do while El Hub and the Coywolf go for a hike, so that’s my day. How about you? I hope all is well.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,