Can You Remember the Very First Thing You Bought From MAC?

mac lipsticks at union square store
First MAC lipstick love: Paramount!

My first tube of MAC Paramount happened circa 1995.

It was at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, and the counter was just a tiny little stand right next to the entrance.

I remember the sales associate talking me into Mahogany Lip Pencil to go with Paramount Lipstick and me being, like, “SURE, GIRL, RING ME UP!” And I paid cash from money I’d saved working retail over the holidays that year… Little did I know that that small tube of Paramount would send me on a crazy, wild makeup ride that would someday take me to MAC headquarters in Toronto years later (craziness) and also lead to me make my very own MAC Lipglass.

I wish I had kept that first tube!

urban decay starfire
Wearing Paramount and Mahogany
mac powell street store sept 2015
I miss this place! Oh…Connor is in my belly in this pic!

How about you? Can you remember the first thing you ever bought from MAC?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,