Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 637

Tabs liked his Christmas trees full and lush…and now that I think about it, they were often shaped like him, with a very round, robust bottom.

He always insisted on being the one to pick out the tree for the house, and I think his list of criteria for acceptable trees included making sure the branches were low enough for him to hide under so that he could launch a sneak attack and swat at your ankles.

It’s been a year and half since Tabs crossed the rainbow bridge, and I’ve held on to his stocking. I put it up again this year, and even though he physically can’t be with me on Christmas, he still gets a sprig of fresh catnip.

Rosie’s been excited about the upcoming holiday too. Cats are funny… She also likes to hide under the tree, but I think it’s more of a relaxing experience for her than it was for Tabs. She’ll stare up at the branches dreamily, rather than vengefully swatting at your legs as you walk by.

I’m surprised she has yet to try climbing the actual tree, since all she wants to do when we go outside is climb trees.

Now that I’ve said that out loud, though, I think I may end up regretting it. How much do you wanna bet that tree is getting tipped over soon?

It’s a very Rosie Christmas

She went outside today wearing a very festive silver collar with matching silver hat. Her style is usually a little bit lower key than Tabs’ was. I think she’s enjoying her time in the limelight, and yes, while we were out there she climbed a tree. 😄

She’s sitting on my lap right now, rubbing her cheeks against my shoulder and looking up at me oh-so sweetly… I think it’s because she wants Temptations treats for Christmas, and this is her way of letting Santa know that she’s been a very good cat this year. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,