Wearable Glittery Pink Lids and Lips | MAC Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadows | Tips for Wearing Pink Shadow

mac explosive chemistry
Playful pink! Shirt: Long Live Lipstick Tee

Ya know…sometimes you just need to wear a little pink glitter to go with your pink cat socks!

The torbie-est of the torbie girls

The glittery pink on my lids is MAC Explosive Chemistry from the new super sparkly Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadow line of intensely shiny glittery powder shadows in a foil base.

I’ve been playing with ’em and have consequently figured out a few things…

The MAC Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadows

  1. Ditch the brush. If you want to take advantage of the glistening, gleaming foiled finish, use your fingers to apply them. Not brushes. Because brushes end up just pushing the shadow around and mellowing out the highly reflective finish.
  2. Skip the setting spray, too. I’ve tried applying these shadows wet to test if they look shinier (with a finger sprayed with setting spray), and it makes absolutely no difference in the payoff. You really don’t need that extra step!
  3. And while you’re at it, pooh-pooh the primer. Typically, with a bold foil or glitter, I’d reach for a primer to help the sparkles stick to my lids, but this formula doesn’t need it. It happily sticks to bare skin.

Sale alert!

If you’re interested and want to save a few bucks, FYI, I hopped on the MAC site yesterday and found out they were marked down from $21 to $12.60. Only the red, silver and white with multicolor pearl are still available, but I would keep checking back because you never know if and when they’ll restock more.

The Foils are also on sale on the Nordstrom site for $17.85. Macy’s has them on sale for the same price as well! Last time I checked, Explosive Chemistry was available on both Nordstrom and Macy’s.

mac explosive chemistry

Tips for wearing pink eyeshadow

I know you’re probably thinking, “When am I EVER going to wear a warm pink glitter on my lids?” but listen. You *can* do it in a way that is daytime friendly and super wearable, and all you have to do is…

  1. Sweep a warm orangey brown matte or satin shadow into your crease to counter-balance the flashy glitter. You could do something like MAC Soft Brown or Saddle. Your favorite bronzer will work too (mine is MAC Give Me Sun, which I’m wearing here).
  2. Swap your standard-issue black liner with a brown. It’s softer than black, yet yields a similar effect by defining your lash and waterlines.
  3. Summon your concealer. I’m a huge advocate for skipping under-eye concealer when you can, but with pink shadow, I don’t think that’s an option. Pink shadow can sometimes make you look like you’ve been crying, and wearing concealer helps to lessen the effect.
  4. mac explosive chemistry

    Makeup worn in this look

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