Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🙏🏼❤️

What a year, ya know? Hasn’t it been one for the ages? Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Our holiday, like that of many other families today, will look a little different than usual. It’s just me, El Hub, Coycoy and Rosie Posie today, with the rest of our family joining via Facetime and Zoom throughout the day. We’re definitely blessed to have the technology to make things like this year’s remote holiday possible.

We sent care packages with snacks, cards and artwork to our parents, and we’ve been “hanging out” with them on Facetime while they’ve snacked on the cookies and sugar-free candies we sent. I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she and her mom baked a pie together on Facetime… How cool is that? Even though virtual meetups aren’t the same as being able to hug our loved ones (not even close!), food still brings us together.

One of the things I’ve been trying to teach Connor this year is that nothing is ever lost from being generous, and I think the lesson finally hit home with the big ol’ box of persimmons my mom sent me a few weeks ago. We had too many to eat by ourselves, so Connor and I put them in brown paper bags with notes and delivered them to friends and neighbors. At first Connor was worried that we would give all of them away and wouldn’t have enough for ourselves, but I told her to not fret about it, because we already had more than enough, and the act of giving would make us happier. And you know what? It did. We visited with friends we hadn’t seen in a while (good for the soul), and some of our buddies were kind enough to drop off other goodies for us to enjoy in return (including more persimmons!).

Even if you and I haven’t met in person before, you have a virtual spot at our Thanksgiving table. Of course, our house is a little messy and chaotic…but it’s filled with love. I’ve poured lots of it into MBB over the last almost 14 years (!). It’s been A LOT of cats 🐱 and makeup, and silliness, and I hope it has fed your spirit like it has fed mine.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet girl. ❤️ Thank you for keeping me company. Love you. Have a wonderful day!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,