Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 633

Rosie got no chill.

For such a tiny torbie, she’s surprisingly high strung when it comes to the gangs of turkeys roaming about the estate. Yes, she refers to our neighborhood as her “estate,” and the turkeys are trespassing upon her land.

They’re only doing what the turkeys do every year. They strut about, fluffing their feathers to let everyone know that they’re the kings of the neighborhood, but Rosie isn’t having any of that.

Rosie is convinced that they’re plotting to overthrow the neighborhood. “Nefarious plots,” she calls them.

She’s taken it upon herself to lead the torbie army to protect the land.

It’s a side of her I haven’t seen before. She’s quite the warrior kitty.

Tabs had a completely different cattitude. He saw the turkeys as his next meal, not as a force to be obliterated.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,