Saturday Surfing, Oct. 17, 2020

Eat cake for breakfast! This one is gluten-free chocolate chip cake with cinnamon sugar.

OK, totally shook. I had the weirdest dream last night… Well, technically, early this morning, because the ones I have just before I wake up are for some reason the strange ones.

(Good morning, by the way. Please feel free to help yourself to some chocolate chip cake for breakfast because that’s how we roll around here.)

Anyway, the dream included this dude…

Old-school Keanu

Otherwise known as my boyfriend, otherwise known as Keanu Reeves. In my dream he was the present-day bearded and long-haired John Wick-version of Keanu.

We were at a wine bar on a date, and it started off all cute and sweet, but things went south when Keanu proceeded to get totally and completely sh*t-faced, sloppy drunk.

I was not in the mood at all for nonsense and had no patience for his toddler-esque tomfoolery, but I still wanted to stay on the date and not go home quite yet, so in the stern “Mom Tone” usually reserved for bratty children, I said to our server, “I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS MAN RIGHT NOW!” And then I parked his drunk @ss at a table with some random nerdy looking comic book dudes and went about my business of having a good time.

I found a chair in a quiet corner so I could enjoy my wine in peace, but then, naturally, because it was a weird dream, the wine bar morphed into a very crowded Filipino house party (WHAT THE WHAT?). Next thing you know, I was saying to some old classmates that I ran into, “Ya know how we skipped class that one afternoon to watch The Matrix? You’re never gonna guess who I’m here with right now.”

Someone then mentioned that I should check on poor drunk Keanu, and so I found him, still totally drunk. I told him I’d take care of him and offered to get him an aspirin, which I had in my little black backpack, and a glass of water.

(Apparently, even in my dreams I am also overly prepared at all times.)

But then…I COULDN’T FIND MY BACKPACK, which also had my phone, keys and wallet. And I started stressing about this big time.

At this point in the dream, I was in that in-between space where you can either fall back asleep or wake up, and because I didn’t want to deal with the anxiety of searching for my missing backpack in the dream, I actually woke myself up, hahaha! So sorry, dream Keanu! 🤷‍♀️

Bumping this while I bake today.

This is what I’m making, by the way.

I love it when her cat starts mewling in the background because WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

Just started doing this.

I’m so ready.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,