Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask Review

Today I will be reviewing Dearpacker Home Remedy Mask Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil. There is one thing K-beauty has done to all skin care enthusiasts.Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask

They have changed the world’s notion of toning and skin rejuvenating. We no longer put our trust into stripping alcohol based astringents; we have become avid users of moisture-replenishing toning serums.

Sheet masks open up a new way of applying serum on the face. These masks offer instant boost of hydration to our skin through serum saturated sheets. My skin always responds positive with sheet masks so I keep using them once a week.

Reputed Korean brand Dearpacker comes with huge variety of sheet masks. Among them I picked up Cinnamon Honey and Lavender Argan Oil. Here’s what I feel about them.Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask

About Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask

Experience smooth, supple and rejuvenated skin using Dear packer Home Remedy Masks! Lavender extracts in this sheet mask suppress activation of harmful substances and minimizes skin’s over reacting to harmful substances.

Rich in protein and vitamin B2, the sheet mask contains beneficial properties for healthy skin.Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask


1. Keeps the skin soft, smooth and glowing

2. 100 % Pure Cotton- Made Mask Sheets

3. Special concentrated solution for your face

4. 5 free – No Paraben, No Mineral oil, No Talc, No Triclosan, No Triethanolamine 

Packaging: Dearpacker sheet masks come in semi-circular plastic pouch. Just like all other one-time use sheet masks, these also have the use and throw heat-seal packaging.

The packaging is quite good in quality, the serum doesn’t leak from the seal. A the back of the pack there are all the necessary details, application process and complete ingredients list mentioned clearly. These standard sheet mask packs are extremely travel-friendly.  

Colour & Consistency: Both the mask variants have clear watery serum. The consistency of the serum is medium considering other brands like Innisfree or Nykaa. The sheets are thin and breathable.

They are white in colour. Though Dearpacker claims their sheets are made up of micro cell sheet to provide better air-flow and cool feel, I could feel no difference as such.Dearpacker Cinnamon Honey & Lavender Argan Oil Home Remedy Mask

Fragrance: Both the masks are lightly fragrant. They have a similar floral touch to their smell but their scents were slightly differnet from each other. If you sniff hard then only you’ll find the difference.

The lavender variant has a faint fragrance of lavender while the honey one had a touch of cinnamon. 

Quantity & Price: Each of Dearpacker Home Remedy Masks comes at Rs.100. You’ll get total 20gm of product including the sheet and serum. The standard price of sheet masks are Rs.100 in India.

The price is okay for that regard. These masks are often available at Buy3Get3  or Buy5Get5 offers. 

My Overall Thoughts

I keep my daily skin care as simple as possible. That’s why my weekly skin rejuvenating routine plays a major role in my skin’s overall outlook. Once a week I deep cleanse my skin with my homemade exfoliating pack, clear out stubborn blackheads and finally apply a chilled sheet mask.

Trust me, this routine gives me even better result than a costly salon clean-up. When I have active acne on the face I ditch the exfoliating pack and apply a mud pack. I like Dearpacker sheet maks better than The Face Shop sheet masks  because I find the Dearpacker ones more nourishing for my skin.

Both Lavender + Argan Oil and Cinnamon + Honey variants are skin rejuvenating ones. Naturally, their formulas are more nourishing than this brand’s other variants. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

These ingredients provide an instant boost of moisture to my skin. The skin looks and feels plump and glowing. Though the result lasts for 2-3 days only. I get more or less same results from both the variants. 

Rating: 5/5


*written By Sreeparna