What is episiotomy and how can it affect your sex life?

Did episiotomy ruin your sex life? Discover how to reverse this situation!

The dreaded interference during childbirth can be considered a terror for many women, but it is possible to experience pleasure again during sex. If you were a victim of this procedure and you have no sensitivity, or even no sexual appetite at the time “H”, do not despair. There is a solution for everything, including this! There are a few ways to reverse this situation and guarantee your satisfaction and pleasure back.

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If you don’t know what it is, follow me and I’ll explain it, so that you won’t be a victim of this violence too. Come on! It all starts with the arrival of a baby, which is a moment of great joy in the life of a family.

But, along with it, some complications during childbirth can dramatically alter female sensitivity and directly affect the couple’s sex life. One of these complications occurs after a very common procedure in normal deliveries, called an episiotomy.

The episiotomy is nothing more than a cut made on the side of the vagina that supposedly facilitates the baby’s arrival. However, what few know is that the technique, which is performed in about 90% of normal births in public hospitals, is classified as obstetric violence and can affect the sexual lives of several of us in several aspects.

One of the biggest problems of episiotomy is that this procedure cuts several muscles, nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for vaginal contraction. What affect?

·         Erection of the clitoris

·         The elimination of secretion that ensures lubrication during sex

·         How episiotomy affects women’s self-esteem

There is a solution for almost everything in life and we will talk about it right now. I have some tips for reversing this situation. In the end, you will know exactly where to start if this has happened or happens to you or a friend of yours.

Exercise the vaginal muscle

As I said earlier, the lack of sensation occurs because the muscles that guarantee vaginal contraction are literally cut. Therefore, the exercise of this membrane is essential to guarantee your sexual life back.

The Pompoir , as always advocate, is the most appropriate technique to exercise this region of your body and return all pleasure you felt before episiotomy and a little more!

This is because pompoarism also works on the entire structure of the perineum, narrowing the vaginal canal and making sexual intercourse even more pleasurable. A real miracle available to all of us!

As you feel more comfortable and advance in techniques, such as using ben-wa balls, episiotomy will not even be remembered in intimate moments with your partner. A hit!

Pompoirism will also recover muscle tone after delivery, so it is indicated even by women who have not undergone the dreaded episiotomy.

Take care of the cut region

Allied to the technique of pompoarism, women who have been victims of episiotomy should pay attention to the region that was cut.

Cold compresses in place, as well as sitz baths with natural herbs, can significantly reduce discomfort and prevent poor healing. You can also ask your gynecologist to indicate an ointment that will speed healing.

Your clothes interfere

Avoid tight-fitting clothes that heat up and cause bacteria to proliferate. That’s because it makes healing more difficult and causes even worse problems for you. Opt for fresh, ventilated clothing that guarantees your comfort.


The episiotomy scar takes, on average, 30 days for complete recovery. If the pain and discomfort remain after this period, this may be a sign of fibrosis, which is an adhesion that does not allow the skin to slide.

Do not hesitate to seek a professional in such cases. Motherhood should be seen as a privilege and not as torture. I am sure that with all the tips that I gave you above and with the proper medical monitoring, in a short time you will regain fullness and happiness in your sexual relationship.