UC-Berkeley Opens Second Center on Campus for ‘Undocumented Students’ and Their ‘Allies’

UC-Berkeley Opens Second Center on Campus for ‘Undocumented Students’ and Their ‘Allies’

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University of California Berkeley has opened a second student center catering to illegal alien students.

The publicly-funded university opened the new Robert D. Haas Undocumented Community Resource Center on February 6 as “a space specifically for undocumented students and allies.”

According to a report from the Daily Californian, “the Undocumented Community Resource Center, located at 180 César Chávez Student Center, is a space that provides undocumented students and allies with professional academic counseling, mental health support, access to resources and a place to study,” away from students who are American citizens.

The university already had the Haas Dreamer’s Resource Center, which caters to students who are using the DREAM act and first-generation, low-income and underrepresented college students.

“The establishment of the Undocumented Community Resource Center is significant in the foundation of the community here at Cal,” campus junior Railyn Aguado, who is an intern for the Educational Opportunity Program, said in an email to the Daily Californian. “It epitomizes the university as a place that values diverse backgrounds, inclusivity, and representation. Significantly, the resource center embodies the value of the university and its’ aim to assure that every voice is heard.”

Liliana Iglesias, the director of the Undocumented Student Program, told the Daily Californian that the separate center was necessary because of the “anti-immigrant political climate.”

“The Haas family knew that this was an essential need for undocumented students on campus,” Iglesias added. “Especially in this anti-immigrant political climate, it is important to have a space dedicated to undocumented students. It gives them a sense of belonging on campus and shows them that the university sees and values them, and that it wants them to thrive.”

The Berkeley College Republicans are pushing back against the segregated center.

“There is something morally obtuse about the UC, a public university, creating a resource center for the creation of an identity based on illegal entry into and residence within the United States,” Rudra Reddy, external vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans told Campus Reform. “The university continues to encourage blatant violation of federal immigration law and opens itself to retaliatory action initiated by the Trump administration.”