Male anorgasmia: man also has difficulty with orgasm!

When we talk about anorgasmia or difficulty in reaching orgasm, we usually think of women, since it is something common in the female universe. But did you know that men also suffer from this problem? That’s right, you may even find it strange, but this “uncomfortable episode” affects many male representatives and can deeply affect the man’s self-esteem. Want to know more about this problem? Then I will explain to you what male anorgasmia is and how it is possible to treat it.

In today’s topic we will cover the following topics:

  • Which is?
  • Types of Anorgasmia
  • Orgasm x cumshot
  • Causes
  • Is it possible for a man to fake an orgasm?
  • Treatment
  • How can you help

What is male anorgasmia?

Male anorgasmia occurs when a man is unable to have an orgasm, despite adequate stimuli in terms of focus, intensity and duration. It becomes a problem when it occurs repeatedly, for more than six months.

As with delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia is not a serious sexual disease, but it can cause a series of disorders to the intimate life of men such as inhibition of sexual desire, stress in marriage and sexual dissatisfaction.

If there is no frank conversation with the partner, serious damage can occur in the relationship, as the man will be frustrated by not being able to reach orgasm and the woman will feel guilty, thinking that he cannot reach the climax because he does not want her.

Types of Anorgasmia

There are 4 types of anorgasmia, both male and female. Are they:

  • Primary anorgasmia: when the person has never experienced the sensation of orgasm through intercourse and not even in masturbation or in dreams.
  • Secondary anorgasmia: when the person has already experienced orgasm with a certain normality in the previous period of his life and, for various reasons, they no longer have it systematically.
  • Total or absolute anorgasmia: when the person has no orgasm, regardless of the type or quality of the stimulus.
  • Situational anorgasmia : when anorgasmia occurs in a certain situation or with a particular partner.

In the case of male anorgasmia , there are two other types:

  • Sexual anhedonia : when sexual responses occur normally but orgasm is not reached, as there is no satisfactory pleasure.
  • Ejaculatory anorgasmia: when a man reaches orgasm including ejaculation, but does not experience pleasure equivalent to a genuine orgasm.

Orgasm x cumshot

First of all, we have to keep in mind that orgasm is not the same as ejaculation, because the latter refers only to the expulsion of sperm. The male orgasm, however, is related to the contractions produced internally from the prostate gland (generating seminal fluid) and through the channel where the sperm is expelled, which is, in reality, what provides the sensation of pleasure.

Typically, both processes occur simultaneously, but they can also occur separately.


Male anorgasmia can be caused by several factors that can be psychological or physiological.

Psychological causes:

  • pressure to perform well in bed;
  • work stress;
  • anguish;
  • personal problems;
  • pressure to postpone orgasm so that pleasure lasts longer;
  • fear of paternity or STD diseases;
  • religious beliefs;
  • lack of attention from the partner;
  • excessive masturbation;
  • traumatic events.

Physiological causes:

  • diabetes;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • use of drugs;
  • use of medications;
  • blocking the channels where semen passes;
  • nervous system diseases.

Is it possible for a man to fake an orgasm?

Unlike women, it is much more difficult for men to pretend because the male orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation. In the case of women there is not always ejaculation, so it is easier to pretend that it has reached a climax, through a series of contortions, agitated breathing, moans and a strong hug.

It is a kind of “orgasmic theater”, but in the case of men, even if they did everything I described above, the absence of seminal fluid would be very difficult to hide. The woman can turn around and say “what happened? Aren’t you done? ” In short: it is complicated to pretend.

Treatment for male anorgasmia

The first step is to see a doctor because the problem is not temporary and will not be solved alone. It will indicate an appropriate treatment, according to the source of the problem. If anorgasmia is of the psychological type, the ideal is to look for a sex therapist who will work with specific techniques for the treatment of anorgasmia.

The treatment goes through the following points:

  • Eliminate negative and harmful attitudes towards sexuality in general and about orgasm in particular.
  • Improve the relationship through the couple’s communication.
  • Sexual skills program, which consists of a series of specific physical therapy exercises for dysfunction.

How can you help

Many women pretend that there is no problem for fear of hurting their partner. This is not a good solution, as the dissatisfaction on both sides is real and this should only get worse over time. Sit down with your partner, show him that his problem is no shame and say that you will be beside him, to help him. With proper treatment, you will be able to fully enjoy your sexual activities again.