John Bolton’s Praise Of ‘Honorable’ John Kelly Backfires Spectacularly

Former national security advisor John Bolton tried praising former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for going public with his criticism of President Donald Trump

But given Bolton’s own reluctance to go public to apparently save his revelations for a book, it didn’t go over very well.

Kelly made headlines on Thursday for speaking in support of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who reported Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rivals. He also praised immigrants, in contrast to the president’s rhetoric, among other criticisms at an event in New Jersey. 

Bolton last year refused to appear during the House impeachment inquiry for a voluntary deposition, and his attorney said he would sue if subpoenaed. He said he would testify if called before the Senate during the impeachment trial, but no witnesses were called. 

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), one of the House impeachment managers, said they approached Bolton to sign an affidavit regarding what he witnessed during his time in the White House.

“For whatever reason, he apparently was willing to testify before the Senate, but apart from that, seems intent on saving it for his book,” Schiff said earlier this month on MSNBC. “He’ll have to answer for that.”

He’s already answering for it on Twitter as a result of that message in support of Kelly: