How to make people like me

Did you know that scientists have been researching hacks that make some people more popular and more charismatic?

I think everyone once asked themselves: How to make people like me?

If you are here it is because you want to know more about how to make people like you. So, let’s go to some steps identified by researchers that will make you stand out as someone that people want around.

First of all, some of these tips are in this other article below. Then read that text too.

10 habits of exceptionally charismatic people

PS Many people try to be more friendly and charismatic and to be liked, but not all of them succeed. For you to have an idea, this was the 3rd most searched topic by Google in 2019 in the “How to do” category.

So, let’s go step-by-step:

1 – Be an excellent listener

Let the person talk about you, encourage your interlocutor to say things that please him, to talk about subjects he likes.

This research shows that when we talk about ourselves, we feel rewarded sensations equivalent to having sex or eating. So, being a good listener is a first step towards being liked by someone.

To hear well, there are some details that are important to consider. I teach this in my course here.

2 – Have a sense of humor

Being good-natured sounds like a cliché, but few people really do. People look for and want to be around someone in a good mood.

If you are not in a good mood, you may be seen as less popular – even if you are competent, according to research by the University of Washington.

Finally, another study found that you feel the emotions of those around you unconsciously. So, being in a good mood will make everyone around you happier.

3 – Think and be positive

If you find yourself on the verge of dealing with someone boring, you already create your defense structure.

On the contrary, if you have a friendly treatment, you will probably open up more. See this research that deals with this.

4 – Smile

Combined with good humor, the smile opens doors. This study in the USA confirmed this even more.

In this study, 100 women looked at pictures of several other girls in four different poses – smiling with an ‘open’ body posture (upright spine and uncrossed arms), smiling in a ‘closed’ posture (arms crossed), serious face with open posture and not smiling in closed posture. Of all the photos, women who smiled, regardless of body posture, were considered the most friendly.

Another survey shows that when we smile, we are likely to be remembered by people.

5 – Be human, admit and show your mistakes.

That thing of hiding your mistakes is out of date. With the advent of social networks showing what goes on behind the scenes of everything and the search for really original people has shown that we must show our imperfect side.

Being vulnerable helps others to identify with you, but no one wants to be a reference in someone who does everything wrong all the time.

6 – Praise… sincerely

In general, praise is scarce today. When you praise, you mark the other person and they see you as friendly.

See that the opposite also happens. When we only speak ill of people, we become associated with being bad people.

When you praise someone as “smart”, that person accepts that compliment and unconsciously thinks:  I’m smart and I’m talking to someone smart.

7 – Use similarity

This is the proximity of the triad. That is, we tend to look for points similar to the person we just met.

According to a survey by the University of Pennsylvania, less than 10% of closed deals have to do with content itself. More than 50% have to do with bonding and trust.

But how to work the similarity? The answer is to search hard until you find points of similarity. Ask your interlocutor if he / she is the brother of someone you know.

For example, if we assume that your interlocutor likes wines and if the answer is positive, that person starts to accept that you have points in common.

Any similar taste or history is valid: a city in common, the favorite beach, political ideology, a hobby, religion, a type of music. We are hardly friends with someone who doesn’t have at least one point similar to ours.

Finally, students at the University of British Columbia, Canada, showed that the chance of accepting a person on social media was 80% when they have more than 11 mutual friends. When there is no such connection, you only let the person be part of your network in 20% of cases.

8 – show confidence and maintain physical proximity

Famous brands like Coca-Cola repeat their message. In fact, this is one of the principles of communication. This repetition is also called the “effect of mere exposure”, and is useful for showing yourself physically present in many places and occasions.

You must also show proximity to people. Be close, present.

If you made an appointment, keep it. Always show that you are there, ready to help.

You convey confidence when you are a warm person from the start. Respect has to do with demonstrating competence and intellectual and economic status. Only the order of these impressions is essential – leave it to appear competent only when you have already shown enough affection.

I will finish here…. I hope this content has helped you. I suggest you print these topics and work on them throughout your week.

Measure your action and see where you are making progress.