How to increase intimacy with your partner and have a happy relationship?

How to create a deep connection with your partner? The steps for your relationship to be intimate! Intimacy, in the dictionary, means familiarity, daily coexistence and intimate friendship. It is what we all want to have with whomever we choose to be our boyfriend or husband.

But I bet you’ve had that awful feeling of being with someone for years, but still having no idea who that person is. She sleeps with him every day, but does not feel that she can, for example, expose her thoughts, desires and desires. Did you just meet, but you still lack that intimacy? And where is the problem, Cátia?

In this post we will talk about:

·         Vulnerability destroys relationships

·         Connection is part of intimacy

·         How to break the ice?

Anyone can go through this. It is normal for the human to get to that point. The bad thing is when nothing is done to change this reality. And if you don’t want to be silent in your relationship and can’t stand this wall of ice between you anymore, it’s time to know what I’m going to say.

To be vulnerable is to show “your truth” as you really are and not as you would like to be seen. She also says that, according to the research she has done, it is people who are real who find it easier to connect with other people deeply.

Only people change all the time. Coexistence, places to visit, travel, promotions at work … Even a film can change someone’s perception of the world.

The problem is that most people create a character for their partner and close themselves off from it. You who say that the person is no longer the same person you met years ago. Of course not! Sometimes it is not possible to realize that there, in those changes, the couple can fight a recurring complaint of long relationships: routine.

The relationship also needs to be rebuilt in the face of these changes, my friend. Intimacy is thus reinforced. That’s why we always say that a good conversation is always  necessary. It is from it that you realize what the other expects and how to gain space to talk about you.

You can’t go around accusing your partner of being someone else. In fact, it is. You too!

Help! There is an abyss between us

But Cátia, how do I do? I have been married for years and it seems that, even close, there is something that separates us, makes me feel as if there is no interest in both.

A friend once told me that the most difficult thing about quitting smoking is the time you spend thinking about quitting. There is surreal suffering about how the cigarette will be missed, how difficult it will be and how you will react. What hurts most in a long and troubled relationship is the first step.

So, instead of being inert thinking that the connection is something transcendental that happens alone, remember that you have a fundamental role in this.

For it to happen, opening on both sides is necessary. Introduce his new interests and show how they can find what he likes. But you can’t force the other to like what you like. The coolest thing is to try to show him that, in some way, it can also be interesting for him.

Both must be delighted and interested in each other. And if one doesn’t, it’s time for you to show how much you have that the other doesn’t know yet. Magic only happens with the magician’s attitude. If you don’t show your truth, even if you feel vulnerable, you also cannot have deep connections. It is necessary to let go of fear and throw oneself into the relationship and the new that the other carries.