How to get additional hours for your graduation

The theme of complementary hours pursues students from various undergraduate courses. See why?

Iam a teacher and I always see students involved with the infamous mission of completing the complementary hours of their undergraduate course.

And it is not for less the concern of the students, because without these hours completed, he can be retained in the course!

However, what I see is that the greatest difficulty for students is not due to the number of hours they have to complete, but the lack of planning. The famous leave for the last hour …

First, complementary hours or activity are open courses, internships, cultural activities, congresses etc. that university students have to apply throughout their course.

Each semester there is a specific workload and this is a rule imposed by the MEC for Higher Education Institutions – IES.

Complementary hours are not required for nothing. Its objective is to add skills and experiences to your professional training, promoting an experience outside the academic environment.

Complementary activities must represent a maximum of 20% of the total course load, according to Resolution No. 2/2007, of the Ministry of Education.

It is also important to remember that each HEI has specific rules for the fulfillment and recognition of these hours. So, before taking several free courses, for example, look for your institution and find out about the rules for applying these activities.

In this text I will focus on the additional hours achieved through free courses. To make it easier, everyone I’ll recommend is online…

Sites offering free and paid courses for complementary hours:

Udemy – My favorite

This platform is my favorite because it offers a range of courses in various areas. You can choose training in areas from cooking to personal development, yoga etc.

I myself have some courses of mine on that platform. If you want to know, see here.


This is one of the old acquaintances of those who study in college and his courses are very interesting. I did some myself at the time of graduation. It is more focused on the business area, but it can serve as complementary hours for colleges that are not in that area.

Rock Content

Also known as the Rock Content University, this company offers some free and paid courses with a certificate for you to study. The point is that their focus is on digital marketing.

Fundação Bradesco School

This online school offers courses in various areas such as IT, administration, personal development, accounting, education. It’s quite interesting.

Getúlio Vargas Foundation – FGV

Yes, you can have a FGV diploma with an online course. There are courses in various areas such as management, finance, education, marketing, international relations, sustainability. Worth knowing.

Well, these are some options of free courses that you can take to complete your workload of complementary activities for your college.

I wanted to summarize some here to get to the point. However, if you want to know more options, access this site here.