Fox Drama Doctor Who Claims to Understand Biology: There Are More Than Two Sexes

Sheriff Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff) is having a busy day on the February 13 episode of Deputy. It’s a day made all the more complicated by getting into a car accident with Deputy Brianna Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus). Being in the hospital sets Bishop off, which leads to the show’s reveal that the character, like Taylor-Klause, is non-binary. What’s worse is when she talks to the Sheriff’s wife, Dr. Paula Reyes (Yara Martinez), the doctor claims that « there are more than two sexes. »

Upon being released from the hospital, Bishop actually shows up to Paula’s home, where we’re treated to a lecture about biology, psyche, acceptance and « living one’s truth, » and from someone who should know better:



Paula: Look, I got into medicine to help people. So trust me when I tell you, that helping you… Helps me, too. 

Bishop: It-it’s… Difficult for me to talk about certain things. Biological things. 

Paula: Of course. Doctor-patient confidentiality. 

Bishop: Till recently, I didn’t have a word for… What I felt like on the inside. I let people assume. I didn’t wanna make anyone else feel uncomfortable, but that just made me feel worse. You know, I hate labels. And here I am trying to give myself one. 

Paula: Hmm. Well, look, obviously, I understand biology. There are more than two sexes. I don’t understand all the layers of identity, but I do know, fundamentally, that not living one’s truth is detrimental to your psyche. 

Bishop: And I don’t wanna do that to myself anymore. This accident made it very clear that tomorrow is not a guarantee, and I need to be me. I’m getting closer every day to exactly what that is. But for now, I know… I’m not all woman. 

Paula: Thank you… For trusting me with that. It must’ve been very difficult to live with that for so long. 

Bishop: Thank you. I-I had no idea how badly I needed to say that to someone. I wish I knew it was gonna be this easy with Genevieve. 

Paula: Well, you don’t have to tell her until you’re ready. 

Bishop: I am, but what if she rejects me? 

Paula: Bishop… You are remarkable. I mean it. If Genevieve rejects you, she didn’t deserve you in the first place. 

It apparently wasn’t enough for the show to have a lesbian couple with Bishop and Genevieve. Bishop had to come out as the first character to identify as non-binary on a network television show. 

The biology is clear that there are two sexes. There’s also no « living one’s truth. » One is either a man or a woman. And why does Genevieve have to be denigrated in such a way if she isn’t comfortable being someone who doesn’t fully identify as the sex she is attracted to? 

While Paula claims to be helping Bishop, she’s actually doing her a disservice by feeding into this lie that she could somehow not be one particular sex.

It’s bad enough that Sheriff has lectured viewers about how « we’re all immigrants » as an excuse for interfering with ICE operations. We don’t need to hear, from a doctor no less, lies about biology in the name of some social justice warrior crusade. In that case, « obviously » she does not understand biology as much as she thinks she does.