Discover the math of love and learn how to relate better

You might even think that you went back to school, and that we’re going to talk about numbers and terms that you don’t even remember anymore. But before I give up on reading, I already warn you: the accounts that we are going to do today, for sure, are more complex than the second and third degree operations, but, also, different from those of high school, they have a extremely useful application in anyone’s life. The theme of our article today is the mathematics of love .

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If you’re a little lost, calm down. Go for me: you will already understand the logic of all operations, which, between sums, subtractions, can make you multiply or divide.

To talk about the math of love, I have prepared some very explanatory topics, with some examples from day to day and that will help you reach a result other than zero.

·         What is the mathematics of love

·         What characteristics should be evaluated when choosing your partner?

In the end, I’m sure you will see mathematics differently, and be convinced that it can, yes, help you find love. Come on?

What is love mathematics?

I usually call love mathematics the process that we all go through to find a life partner. And the term makes a lot of sense, since, among a series of factors, we are always looking for a sum of characteristics that complete, qualities that enchant and defects that do not matter so that the result of the account is positive, and the relationship gives right.

After all, what else is love if not an eternal sum and subtract, divide and multiply? Be it of affection, the routine, the bills, the children: in a relationship, everything is, all the time, related to a scale, which needs to tip in the right direction.

If between failed attempts and amorous delusions , you continue to sing “I still find the formula of love”, friend, you are on the right path. If there is only one formula, I don’t know, but it is possible to get there and be happy in the mathematics of love, I have no doubt about that.

What characteristics should be evaluated when choosing a partner?

When we talk about love mathematics, we need to understand what factors will be decisive to enter the formula for success. I usually associate these factors with the fundamental values ​​that will be the basis of a relationship. Although there is a consensus between what really matters when choosing someone to live a happy and healthy story, each person has different needs and relates to these values ​​differently.

Among the main factors to be analyzed to choose a partner that will add up in your life, are:

1. Faith

Faith, despite what many may think, is not just about religiosity. Of course, there are some people who consider religion compatibility an essential factor in a possible relationship, but that is not what we are talking about.

Having faith also means having a posture that can be observed on a daily basis, in the way people deal with everyday things, their ambitions, goals and challenges. Who has faith, has a natural optimism, and, let’s agree that good vibes are never too much, especially in today’s times, right?

2. Moral

Morality is the set of values, norms and notions about what is considered right and wrong within a society.

I say that it is important to pay attention to morals because, when some of these factors do not match, it is difficult to reconcile the differences, because they are related to the principles of an individual, that is, to its essence. And we know that nobody changes anyone, right? Change is always possible, but it has to start from the inside out, not the other way around.

3. Dedication

Someone’s dedication says a lot about the other’s ability to give themselves to what they believe in and to whom they like. Therefore, in the mathematics of love, this must be a factor to be analyzed and that helps to determine the value of a person.

And those who think that dedication is linked only to big gestures are mistaken: it is perceived in small things, from affection to greater efforts.

4. Maturity

After all, friends, who wants a man of 50 with a head of 20, right? Therefore, maturity is one of the characteristics that deserve a lot of attention when you are meeting a person. And let’s leave prejudice aside: maturity has nothing to do with age.

In the same way that there may be adult men with an inconsequential adolescent attitude towards life, there are also those who are young, but a critical sense and worldview that, normally, only the wisdom of the years lived brings.

5. Character

In the mathematics of love, few traits of someone are more important than character – and it is not linked to age, social class or professional conditions.

So, to make the right choice, be sure about the character of the man, the way he deals with the people around him, and, mainly, the values ​​that make him who he is.

6. Objectives

Those who do not have goals are commonly considered accommodated, with no ambition in life. But be careful: having ambition has nothing to do with going over everything and everyone to achieve your goals. Those who believe that the means justify the end are usually of a dubious character, and no one would like to share their lives with someone like that, would they?

7. Family

It’s that old story: when you find someone to spend your life with, you don’t just marry the person, but also the family. And this is true, since the coexistence between the “aggregates”, so to speak, tends to be great.

Therefore, observe the family of the candidate for companion, see how it relates, discover the qualities and the main defects and put all this in the balance of the mathematics of love.

As in mathematics, in life you have to look for signs, so that negatives do not cancel out the positives. Therefore, this exercise is also valid for doing a self-analysis, identifying your characteristics so that you are also synonymous with sum in your partner’s life.

Did you see how the mathematics of love exists, and is there logic? The application now depends only on you. If you have any questions, just write me in the comments, ok?