7 things women like most in bed: discover the secrets!

Many women come to me saying that their sex lives are not satisfactory, that their partners are unable to please them in bed. However, I noticed that they can often be a little to blame for the situation. But what do you mean, Cátia? You see, many of them don’t even know what they want, or what they like about a sexual relationship and it can be very frustrating. The truth is that it costs us more than men to communicate what we want in bed, whether out of shame, prejudice or even a fear of rejection. So I invite you to do the following exercise: I will list 7 things that women like most in bed and you will identify which are according to your taste. From there you can talk to your partner. Come on?

It can be repetitive, but communication is always the key to business, since men are not always paying attention to the signal we send. Want an example? At Indiana University, a very extensive sex study was carried out: 85% of men said that their partners had reached orgasm in the last sexual intercourse. Good for them, right? No. In that same survey, only 64% of women (partners of these same men) said they had reached a climax.

In today’s article, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • 7 things women like most in bed
  • Put the shame aside

So, were you curious to know what things women like most in bed? Then read until the end of this text that you will discover!

7 things women like most in bed

1- Preliminaries

The preliminaries are a kind of prelude to the big event, but they are no less important. Many men forget this stage and want to go straight for penetration. Although many do not speak, this part is very important for women, and one of the things they like most in bed. The couple will have a lot more fun if they turn foreplay into a kind of sexual game and focus on exploration and pleasure. It is not just about reaching the climax.

The biggest complaint of women is the lack of sexual creativity and the misuse of the hand. The key is that, before sex, he takes you close to the climax using his hands. This will guarantee orgasm during intercourse.

2- Sensitive vs. wild

Women like to keep a rhythm in bed. Faster or slower, colder or hotter, and, above all, they know how to alternate between the sensitive and the wild. Yes, contrary to what many men think, when they are in bed, women often do not want to be treated just like fragile princesses. A little pat, a tug of hair, a few bites are exciting. Of course, all in a moderate way, without them becoming animals in bed.

3- Oral sex

Many women are willing to do it, but few women have the courage to ask. Yes, my friends, we are talking about oral sex . A very pleasant practice that is synonymous with an almost certain orgasm. This is one of the things that women like most in bed, without a doubt. In fact, many women do not reach orgasm with penetration, but almost all succeed with oral sex. But unfortunately, most men are not aware of this. So, how about giving tips for you to receive that little treat from him? It’s okay to say you want him to have oral sex on you.

4- Hot zones

Men go straight to the point: orgasm, and they are not wrong. But we must not forget that the G-spot and the clitoris are not the only erogenous areas of our body. We all have a little place in our body that when kissed or caressed, our hairs on the back of the neck prickle. For some it is the neck, for others it is just behind the neck and there are those who lose their sense when they blow into the ear.

Make things easier for your partner, invite him to explore all these areas of your body. The result will be explosive.

5- Variety

Women also like to innovate. We know that Mom and Dad’s position is great, that being on all fours is delicious, but there are many other options that we can try in bed and that we almost beg them to do. And why should we settle for just one during a date? We can have fun with two, three, four, five if you are willing.

How about giving the gift of the Kama Sutra to your partner, so that he is inspired?

6- Eye to eye

Let them eat us with their eyes or look at us tenderly. It doesn’t matter, the feeling is wonderful! For women, looking into the eyes is very important. Not only because we feel more sensual, but to know that they are there with us. When they don’t look, it looks like they’re somewhere else.

This does not mean that he has to keep his eyes open all the time, but it does communicate with the look that at that moment are just the two, connected with each other.

7- Consideration when it all ends

There is nothing that makes us feel worse and more vulnerable than a man who jumps out of bed and takes a shower right after sex. We women need to be caressed and embraced after the act. We know that after ejaculation men can even go to sleep, but it costs nothing to sleep cuddled.

Put the shame aside

You don’t have to be ashamed to say what you like to your partner. Having certain types of tastes does not make you any worse or better than any other woman. Remember that having sexual desires is normal. Talk to your partner about your preferences in bed and what you would like them to do during sex. That way, your relationship will not fall into the routine and you will be able to enjoy these intimate moments even more.