7 inconvenient truths for you to unlock your potential

We can spend years in life trying to discover our potential. And this is a somewhat difficult subject to deal with, especially in times of Internet polarization.

Otherwise, revealing your weaknesses is a good way to overcome your fear of expressing yourself, as there is always someone in need of what you are sharing.

Yes, on difficult days, we can take small steps and believe me: your potential is unlocked when you accept its brutal truths:

NOTE: I will use the word “truths” but understand it as my truths and not as a law ok?

That said:

Truth # 1 – We all think about giving up at some point

We all went through challenging moments – if you haven’t already, rest assured that that day will come!

Once, I heard a pastor say that he was asked if he had already thought about leaving his profession. And he replied  “I think about it every day”.

Wanting to give up is normal and what makes a difference is to understand that this is part and then move on.

There is no cake recipe for this, however, one way is to have examples from other people who have overcome a difficulty equal to or similar to yours.

Strengthening yourself with other people is a vital food to continue.

Books and movies can also help in this process o /

Truth # 2: You must realize your own difficulties – before you get caught up in them

The lives of the people around you seem sweeter than yours, but it isn’t.

Our daily struggle takes our full attention. We have little time, busy life and everything else disputing us.

You must then understand that our daily struggle is not about paying attention to others, but paying attention to ourselves.

Take time for yourself. Mindfulness , time for prayer, choosing a place of relaxation under a tree, it doesn’t matter. There are many options but the right thing is to set aside time to “fix the house” inside.

Truth # 3: Everyone will give you advice .. but will they be useful?

It is very common for you to try to hear what people and experts have to say.

The point is: People say what you should do, but remember that they are not going to do it.

In a physical workout, the  personal trainer  can demand you the most because it is not his muscle is hurting. Therefore, he has a perspective out of pain.

Think that personal experiences are based on common sense and the truth of each one, not yours.

The point is: listen to good feedbacks, but don’t base your life on it. Use your wisdom to follow your own path, with your own mistakes (and be proud of them!).

PS Including, even evaluate this text that I’m writing combined?

Truth # 4: Comfort is good, but paralyzes – Discomfort makes you grow

Modern life, with all its benefits and amenities, helps us to mitigate our day-to-day work. That’s really good.


Seeking comfort while avoiding discomfort can suck your potential.

Uncomfortable situations force you to grow and in this way, you will level up!

Truth # 5: Applause is rare

Most of the things we do will fail and go unnoticed.

You must stay focused on your proposal, on your big why.

Do a good job, make an effort, fight and at some point there may be applause.

Truth # 6: Altruism shapes your potential

Do not base your life on selfishness. Seek to make your contribution to the world, helping, having compassion, denying a little bit of yourself to donate to someone.

Altruism and selflessness create teachers, coaches, mentors, parents – all of these you can become when you dedicate someone, and this can further leverage your potential.

I saw this when I had children. His perspective on giving himself improves a lot and consequently I think the world around him gains from it. This even helps you to see others’ side more, especially when you are with your child in the hospital and see many people in much worse situations.

The feeling you get when you help others provides fuel for you to face the rejections, failures and failures that you will (inevitably) encounter along the way.

Inconvenient truth # 7: time goes by faster than you think

Unlocking your potential takes time. So, wasting time is a very easy thing.

Think: How much of your time have you wasted not developing your potential?

You may have wasted some time, but there is a way ahead. Enjoy it. You still have time and there are good reasons to enjoy and work on your performance.

Reflecting is useful. I have found myself several times thinking about how to improve my life and my performance.

At certain times we lie to ourselves, we take time to notice something, we resist. But it is always good to dissect some points and have the attitude to change.

Well, those were my truths. And you what are yours? I would love to know in the comments …

Finally, it is time to live for your potential that is idle. If not now, when will it be?