3 Unexpected Beauty Lessons I Learned This Week

expressie express to impress
Things I learned this crazy week!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

My goodness, it has been a week. The run-up to Valentine’s Day at the bakery was cray! Yesterday, I made frosting for 4 hours in the biggest mixer we have. Simply put, I was buttercreamed out by the end of my shift.

Somehow, I still had it in me to wear some makeup this week, believe it or not, and in the process I may have stumbled upon a few new beauty lessons.

Just goes to show ya — not even buttercream can stop the beauty learnin’. 🙂

Unexpected Beauty Lesson #1: A 24-hour mint green mani is totally worth it.

We don’t wear nail polish while working at the bakery, but I painted paws on my day off with Essie Expressie Polish in Express to Impress.

It’s a quick-drying formula with a base and top coat built in, and it takes me about 5 minutes to do two layers — and that includes drying time.

expressie express to impress swatch
Two layers of Expressive Express to Impress

Unexpected Beauty Lesson #2: Face oil is a friend to your lashes and lash curler.

Does your lash curler ever crimp your lashes with an overly aggressive curl? — like, when the bend is almost at a crisp 90-degree corner? If it does, try massaging a little of your favorite face oil on your lashes beforehand, and the lash curl should be curved — more like a letter “c” than a hard, right angle.

I’ve been doing this all week long with Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil, and my lashes have been curling perfectly! The moisturizing face oil makes lash hairs more receptive to a softer curl.

Unexpected Beauty Lesson #3: Use the “leftovers” in your brow brush.

I found the best shortcut for busy ladies and gents who rush through filling in their brows with an angled brush.

Basically…if and happen to have any leftover product in your brush head from the day before, just use it to fill in your brows now, instead of re-loading your brush with more eyeshadow or brow powder.

I actually put two and two together and figured this out one morning while scrambling to make it to work on time. I couldn’t find my usual eyeshadow palette with my brow colors and just said, “Eff it. I’ll use the same brush from yesterday.” Lo and behold, it was the perfect amount of color for softly defined natural-looking brows!

Yup, as the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of makeup invention.” 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,