What is charisma;How to be charismatic

Charisma is an ability that some people have to be able to charm, persuade, fascinate or seduce another individual through their way of being and acting. The term “charisma” originated from the Greek khárisma , which means “grace” or “favor”.

A charismatic person is one who has a set of qualities that characterize him as someone remarkable, admirable or fascinating in the eyes of other individuals. The demonstration of charisma is a very common tactic among politicians, artists and other leaders, in an attempt to enchant and persuade the people in a subtle way.

Attractiveness x Charisma

Before talking about the steps to be a charismatic person, we can analyze the phenomenon of charisma a little. Perhaps everyone, boys and girls, was hopelessly attracted to someone when we met him, especially someone of the opposite sex. Suddenly, we come across someone who captivates us with his appearance, his movements, his delicate way of speaking … He is an attractive man, but is he a charismatic person?

Do not confuse attractiveness with charisma. Although the charisma is more than personality and appearance, attractiveness is above all the most superficial part of the person, his physique, his movements, the timbre of his voice … Attractiveness acts especially in the first moments when we meet a person. We look at the superficiality of the person, the way of speaking, the wardrobe, the face, his customs … We were very attracted in the first moments, but when we know a little more about him, we realize that in the end he is not a charismatic person.

The secret of the charism in 3 steps

Step 1: attracting people

The first step in becoming a charismatic woman is to work on building a mysterious aura. A charismatic person is someone who is often shown to be unpredictable and mysterious. It reveals enough about itself to keep people interested and yet it has an aura of mystery that keeps people curious and wanting to know more. What most intrigues everyone is the fact that they are inspirational and do not show fear. In other words, they inspire people with their actions, and courageous actions.

Charismatic people are attracting people’s attention because they are free to be noticed. This usually happens because:

  1. they don’t mind being judged (or at least accepting that);
  2. they feel that they have something worth sharing.

This is the main secret of the charism: getting comfortable with the attention it brings. People with this ability have self-confidence .

Step 2: arousing curiosity

Charisma is usually shown by the tone of voice we use and the words we speak. It manifests itself when someone has confidence, is articulate and acts with great conviction and enthusiasm. Charismatic people know how to use their voice to win people over. They, for example, vary the tone of their voice and use pauses to create interest and build anticipation. To develop charisma, you must work on improving your voice and how it comes across in social situations. Practice expressing yourself clearly, varying your speech and tonality and using emotional words that attract people to your conversation.

Believe it or not, charismatic people, whether consciously or unconsciously, understand that the secret of charisma is to make things a little different from everyone else in order to stand out completely from the crowd. This arouses curiosity. They learn these tiny differences and put them into practice every time they have to have an impact on conversation, in a meeting, in an interview and in their love life as well.

Step 3: empathize

A charismatic person calls attention, that is a fact. She does this by telling engaging stories, using humor to draw people into her world through her attitude. However, to really get people’s attention, she understands that they must also share some of the spotlight. With that in mind, she makes great efforts to make people feel important and valued. They do this by asking insightful questions that encourage people to talk about their lives, goals, dreams and aspirations. By showing this level of interest in others, naturally, people will become more interested in them.

To really get others to pay attention to what we have to say, we must follow the old saying: “Try to understand first, then be understood.” People who have a real and lasting influence are not narcissists. They are able to make others feel truly valued as if they were the most important people in the world at that time. Having empathy means really being calm in understanding other people and adapting your message to their needs at any time.

The results

As you develop more charisma, you naturally have more influence in the lives of those around you. People start looking at you and start taking your comments and opinions into account. Charisma is something that naturally wins people.

Charismatic people are always those desired by everyone, whether as a friend, daughter, maid, girlfriend or as a couple … That’s why so many people want to discover the secret of the charism.

How to be charismatic

Why is it that so few people develop the charism? Well, it is because it takes a lot of work and effort. Charisma is not something that comes naturally to most. It is something we need to work on to be achieved. Extroverted people find it easier to express this quality, but anyone can develop (and very well) the charisma.

These three steps will help you to be charismatic, but the secret of charisma is to show who you are as a person, otherwise it will seem false. Remember that you have this ability within you, you just need to improve it. So train and practice a lot and when you’re ready, go and show the world the great woman you can be.