The 3 things you should never say to a man

When we are trying to win over a man that interests us, we always take care of what we say. We try to look interesting, friendly and keep his attention with a good chat. However, due to an oversight, without realizing it, we ended up saying something that totally breaks the mood. The worst thing is that we do not know what motivated the change. These words are so simple that we would never imagine that they could cool someone’s interest. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Today you will know the 3 things you should never say to a man to never make those mistakes again. Come on!

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • Men have a more fragile ego than they seem
  • Happens anytime
  • 3 things you should never say to a man
  • The result
  • Are we that different?
  • Care never hurts

Men have a more fragile ego than they seem

It’s a fact. It may seem that men are not very sensitive, but the truth is that they have a super fragile ego. Sometimes things we don’t notice hurt their feelings and pride. This happens, especially when it comes to masculinity. This is the taboo of the male universe!

Happens anytime

Maybe you were talking about something perfectly neutral, like a friend of yours who is getting married in a few months. Or maybe something you think he likes. The fact is that we can slip into words at any time. In any case, there was a certain combination of words exchanged that changed the direction of the conversation, but you don’t know which words exactly. You keep thinking, trying to find out what you may have said that has cooled the conversation down. Everything was going so well, but suddenly the air was cold. Stay calm, there is a solution!

3 things you should never say to a man

So, let me help you break through this little mystery by showing you the 3 things you should never say to a man because they end attraction. Some are even funny, but keep your mind open. See what they are.

1- “This is so cute”

You are meeting a very nice guy, with a good chat, and of course you want to know more about his life. Then, you start asking questions on topics like family and work. He gently starts to tell you about the roles he plays, his job, how it is everyday. That is, a more serious conversation, about something that is vital to him. You, trying to be nice, let out a “how cute” or even worse, “how cute”. After that, there is an uncomfortable silence.

Such an answer can quickly kill the attraction he is feeling. You run the risk that he thinks you are too shallow, someone who cannot maintain a deeper conversation. There are men who like women like that, but believe me: most do not. Or he may think you don’t take him seriously and are making fun of something that is important to him. In this case, the misunderstanding can even be resolved later, but, as you are not yet intimate, will another opportunity arise?

2 – “You are so funny when you dance!”

This one is even worse than the previous one, because this time he will be sure that you are laughing at him. Remember when I talked about a man’s fragile ego? Well then, with that statement, you will be stepping and tap dancing on top of it. It’s not fun, it’s not cool, and it can still create an awful mood.

To begin with, the guys already have a hard time dancing and making it look cool. Most of them do not like to do this, just for fear of being exposed and of being judged. He probably made an effort to please you and saying that he is funny when he dances, it gives the impression that he cannot act spontaneously and be fun around you. When you say that, he feels humiliated. So, to avoid misunderstandings, if he wants to dance, just enjoy the moment and enjoy.

3- Is this serious? You have got to be kidding!

That’s one of the things you should never say to a man. Imagine the situation: you are talking about a really popular film, but he admitted that he hasn’t seen it yet. Or, you talk about a book, which, in your opinion, is a bestseller that changes the life of the reader. When he confesses that he doesn’t know, hasn’t seen or read, you provoke him in a very sarcastic way about it and say something like, “Is this serious? You have got to be kidding! It’s not possible.”

I really don’t know what you expect to happen when you say something like that, but it is likely that he will feel embarrassed or worse, diminished in front of you. You could take this opportunity to create a connection by saying something like, “We should watch it sometime.” Or: “I can lend you this book, I think you will like the plot”. When you react by teasing in a sarcastic way, you can only make him feel like an idiot. This kind of thing should only be said when there is a lot of intimacy with someone and still, at the risk of hurting.

The result

Women often do not realize that when they say these three things, they are killing a man’s attraction to them. Certainly, when you say these things to a man you’re interested in, you don’t think about the consequences. On the contrary, you may have thought it was being interesting, provoking it.

Teasing is a powerful tool for flirting, but only when done right and at the right time. Then again, be careful about saying these things, as they can diminish his interest in you.

Are we that different?

You may be thinking, “Wow, what nonsense” or “this is a bit much”, but are we really that different from men? Think about it: how many times do we get upset or lose the charm for someone for an out of time phrase? Were you never disappointed when a guy you thought was interesting said something that, in your opinion, was inappropriate or stupid? Even with men you already have intimacy with, there has probably been a fight over something that has been talked about.

Care never hurts

If you’re really interested in someone, it never hurts to be a little more careful about what you say or the way you speak. When trying to impress, you can slip up and say one of the things you should never say to a man. The solution? Be yourself when trying to attract a man . When we don’t use artifice and act naturally, the chance of saying something inappropriate is considerably reduced. That way, the chance of winning it will be even greater.