Frequently Asked Questions: Our New Petition Platform

We are upgrading our petition system! Please take a look at the FAQs below:

The new system:

Will the petition site be down during the upgrade?

  • Yes. Certain MoveOn petition pages will be down beginning Monday, December 9 while we complete the upgrade. This means you won’t be able to sign or share petitions or log in to manage petitions on the old system. The entire upgrade process will take up to 48 hours, and petitions should be back online at that time.

Why are you moving to a new petition system?

Will my existing petitions still be available?

Will my previous petition creator login credentials work?

  • No, you’ll need to set up a new password for the new system ONCE we send you an account activation link. Please be on the lookout for an email from with “IMPORTANT” in the subject line.

Will I be able to email my signers from previous petitions?

  • Yes, you can still email your signers from your previous petitions. If you have multiple petitions and have a standard petition creator account, you’ll need to email your supporters one petition at a time. If you have a partner or superuser account, you’ll have the option of emailing your signers from all petitions at once.

Can I start a new petition before I get my activation link?

Can I add an image to my petition?

  • Yes! You can log into your account, edit your petition, and add an image. You’ll also have the option of adding an image when you create a new petition. When choosing your image, please make sure to review our community guidelines and Terms of Use:

Help! My petition text looks like it’s cut off.

  • If your petition text is cut off in any section, we encourage you to log into your account to edit your petition! Some petition text may have been shortened during the upgrade in order to fit within our new character limits.


About petitions:

What’s the difference between an update and mailing my signers?

  • An update will be posted publicly on the petition page but will not notify your existing signers. Updates are great for things to share with potential signers, like news or messages from your decision-maker.

  • Mailing signers will send an email directly to those who already signed your petition. This is the best way to ask them to take a follow-up action, such as calling your decision-maker or joining you for a petition delivery.

How do people leave comments on my petition?

I don’t see the signature thermometer on my petition. Where is it?

I didn’t sign my petition after I created it, but it says I did. Is this a mistake?

Can I edit my petition after it’s published?

Can people contact me about my petition?

How will decision-makers see my petition?

Can I remove a comment after I post it?

  • You can’t do this yourself, but we can help. Email us at petitions at with the link to the petition and the email address you used to sign it, and we can remove your comment for you. Please note that we cannot edit comments; we can only remove them entirely.

I have another question that isn’t listed here.