Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

I love clay based homemade face masks. Due to my busy schedule I can’t find enough time to prepare DIY face masks and ubtans with kitchen ingredients every 2-3 days. As a result, the face masking was becoming irregular day by day. So, I decided to invest in some good quality aurvedic face masks and that is how I started using Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Pack. This is a clove, sulpher and peppermint based mud mask. Here is my views and experience on this face mask.Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

About Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Pack 

Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Pack is a purifying anti-blemish pack blended with pure clove and wild turmeric to control pimples, absorb excess oils and other embedded impurities that can cause acneic conditions. With regular use, the complexion looks clear, smooth and vibrant. Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

Packaging: This mask comes in a white plastic tub with deep green screw lid. Tub packaging has wider opening than most other packaging styles. Although tubs allow no product wastage as you can reach to the last drop of the product still it is an unhygienic packaging type.

You have to dip your brush or finger to take out the product. The packaging is sturdy but bulky for the quantity of product contained in it.

Colour & Consistency: This is a thick mud based face pack. It has light yellow earthy colour; its colour reminds me of multani mitti. Though the pack is made up of finely milled ingredients, its dense texture makes it hard to apply evenly on the skin. I dilute it with a little rose water or aloe vera gel and the consistency becomes perfect for application. Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

Fragrance: It has a light herbal or ayurvedic medicine kind of fragrance. There is a faint hint of clove oil smell in the pack. The fragrance does not feel heavy and goes off when I rinse it off from the face.

Quantity & Price: This mask is available at Rs.199 for 75gm. In comparison with other budget friendly ayurvedic face packs, the price seems a little hiked. However, this product is on sale both online and in beauty stores almost all the time. I bought this on 40% discount on an online sale. Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

My Overall Thoughts:

I have tried a handful of Biotique products in the past and among those some are my all time favourites. I love their Bio Chlorophyll Post-wax Gel and Bio Almond Lip Balm. That is the reason I bought two of Biotique’s face packs on a sale last summer. I got the Bio Clove one for myself and gifted the fruit based depigmentation mask to a friend.

I have oily-combination skin. My skin is acne-prone so I thought this mask will help to fade the marks from healed acne. For the forst time I applied this mask all over the face leaving the eye area and the lips. Immediately after application, the sensitive areas of my face started burning. I was practically in tears and had to remove it.

The sensitized skin was red at first then the redness settled down after sometime. The next time I diluted the pack with rose water and applied it only to the cheeks, forehead and chin where I get most pimples. The burning was minimal and the skin felt deeply cleansed.

The strong formula of this mask helps to calm down big bumpy pimples so I sometimes spot treat my acne with this. However, this one did not do anything on my blemishes. 

Rating: 2.5/5


*Written By Sreeparna