A Simple Everyday Makeup Look That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

mac yash in hand
I gotta hand it to these products…

Just a quick reminder that makeup doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 🙂

I did this look with makeup that I could quite literally carry in the palm of one hand!

It’s non-fussy, natural-looking makeup that I wore to go to dinner and window shopping with the fam-bam last Saturday, so, minimal base coverage with an ultra sheer tinted moisturizer and soft, barely-there color on my lids, lips and cheeks. There’s also the teeniest, tiniest wing on the outer corners.

The liner was the most “complicated” (air quotes) part. First, I drew a line of black liquid liner along my upper lash lines, then winged out the ends. Then, after it dried, I layered a light-colored liner directly on top, stopping about three fourths of the way from the inner corner to the outer corner. I did this to open up my eyes a bit so they appear a little less hooded.

mac yash lipstick
My makeup on most weekends looks like this.

Makeup worn in this look

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day to you! 🙂