5 attraction tricks that will win over any man!

It has been a long time since the game of seduction is no longer exclusive to men. Today women can take the first step towards attracting a man that they find interesting. However, speaking is easier than doing and sometimes we don’t know how to act to win over a person who attracts us. It doesn’t matter if we have already taken the first step or if we haven’t even spoken to him, there is always a blockage that ends up hindering our seduction process. To help you, I brought you 5 fun and infallible attraction tricks that will help you get men to your feet. Come with me!

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • First of all, be authentic
  • 5 Tricks of Attraction
  • A piece of advice: seek your own happiness.
  • It’s all in your hands!

First of all, be authentic

Before talking about the 5 tricks of attraction, it is necessary to make something very clear: you cannot try to change your personality to win someone over. Pretending is a bad start, don’t try to be who you are not. Men love real women. The poses do not last long, their true essence will end up revealing themselves at one time or another.

5 Tricks of Attraction

1- Make your adrenaline skyrocket

Strong emotions cause the release of adrenaline from their bodies, which makes the exciting experiences much more interesting. Research from Mckendree University in the USA showed that there is a significant correlation between adrenaline and attraction, which means that when there is an increase in the release of this hormone we are more likely to fall in love.

Euphoria generates degrees of attraction, people who experience similar effusive feelings are more attracted to each other. Take it to the roller coaster or to watch a horror movie. The important thing is to speed up their heart rate. You will see how unforgettable the experience will be.

2- Prepare your favorite food

If you are willing to win your heart, invite him to your home and prepare your favorite food, showing that you are not only adorable, but also have your hidden talents. The old saying about winning a man by his stomach has a bottom of truth and also because cooking can be extremely intimate. Cooking for someone is meeting one of their most basic human needs. This requires hard work and imagination to surprise you with the most delicious foods; and that are of his taste. You don’t have to become a housewife by always cooking for him, but surprising him with a food he likes every now and then counts a lot of points for you.

And you can go further. If you make a candy, for example, you can wrap it creatively and take it to his house. It will be an unexpected and cute gift that will surely touch his heart (and his stomach too).

3- Send messages

Texting is good for keeping in touch, but you have to know the right measure when it comes to getting a man interested in you. A message you send to start a conversation is fine; but if there are three messages you send and you haven’t received a reply, stop! Otherwise, you may seem boring and inconvenient.

While he is at work, send a WhatsApp message with a sexy photo of his legs and a text like: “I prepared a surprise for you tonight.” Or, when you have arranged a date, before leaving home, send a picture of yourself to show how wonderful you are and make you look forward to the meeting.

4- Show Defensiveness

This is one of the attraction’s tricks, but it works: show yourself slightly helpless on occasion. This technique is linked to a primitive instinct of man, which still exists within him. It is the instinct to “protect your female”. Say you are afraid of simple things like cockroaches and spiders (most don’t even have to pretend to be afraid) and ask him to solve the problem. Or say that you will only see a certain horror movie if it is also on your side. These actions will awaken in him the need to avoid danger.

Indecision, even if you consider yourself a determined girl. You can attract him by being indecisive or uncertain about some things while you are with him. This will help him again to make the decision to contribute in the face of a dilemma. In this way, the protective atmosphere we seek will be created.

Remember: the ideal is not to pretend to be something you are not, just to have some episodes of harmless fear and indecision, so that he can play the hero.

5- Make a sexy surprise

This tip you can use if you already have a little more intimacy. Every man likes a good surprise, so why not prepare one for the guy you’re interested in? Invite him to your home and when he arrives, receive him with sexy lingerie, high heels. However, don’t let him touch you until dinner is over. Or you can go to a restaurant and subtly show him that you have a surprise under your clothes. I’m sure he’ll be interested!

A piece of advice: seek your own happiness.

Interesting people are highly attractive and people do everything to be with them. So, before you try to attract or seduce a man , try to be attractive to yourself. People who feel good and comfortable in their own skin design this and make others feel good about being around them. Do what you like, like playing an instrument or having an activity that makes you happy. You will see how you will feel differently and how people will look at you differently.

Security is the best weapon of seduction. As they say, if you don’t trust yourself, no one can do it.

It’s all in your hands!

As we have seen throughout this article, there are several tricks of attraction to get rid of nervousness and insecurity to win the man you want. Times have changed, we no longer live in the 60s, where men had to do all the initial work. Now, women represent independence, decision; and why not seduction and skill ?! So don’t wait with your arms crossed, start acting and get the person you want so badly. Happiness can be in your hands.