12 questions to find out if you’re ready for a serious relationship

After some time enjoying life as a single woman and having fun with many colorful friendships, you have decided that it is time for something more serious. Start looking for someone for a serious relationship, someone who can share joys and sorrows. However, are you ready for this change in your life? Do you want a partner for your life, are your reasons valid? Are you mentally and emotionally well to give your love to someone else? To help you with this question, I asked 12 questions to find out if you are ready for a serious relationship. After answering them, I’m sure it will be easier to make a decision. Come on?

In today’s text we will cover the following topics:

  • 12 questions to know if I’m ready for a serious relationship
  • How to make a decision

12 questions to know if I’m ready for a serious relationship

If you are unsure whether you are ready for a serious relationship, there are many different factors that you should consider. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before determining whether you are ready for an appointment:

1. Do you still have feelings for your ex?

No matter how long your last relationship lasted, you can still maintain some unresolved feelings for your ex. If that is the case, you must resolve this before attempting to start a serious relationship with someone. Are you close to your ex? Is there still any chance of reconciliation? Does the reason for the breakup still hurt you? Get to the root of any feeling that still exists before moving on.

2- Do you have time to dedicate yourself to someone?

Relationships require time and energy to work. Make sure that your current lifestyle allows you to start a new relationship 100%. If you have just started a new job, made a decision to follow a dream, or if you are in the middle of a family crisis, it may not be the best idea to get involved with someone.

3-Are you really ready for an exclusive relationship?

A relationship is not a marriage, but if you choose to be with a person, you need to make sure you are ready to stop looking around. A serious relationship requires loyalty on both sides and if you don’t want to stop your extra fun, it’s best not to even try to start a new relationship.

4- Are your friends and family pressuring you?

If the only reason you want a boyfriend or girlfriend is because your family and friends put pressure on you every time you meet, you are not ready for a relationship. In fact, it’s not anyone’s business that you are single, so be emphatic with them and do what is best for you. Nobody lives their life.

5- Are you afraid of being alone?

Loneliness is a very debilitating feeling and it can make you think that you need someone else’s company to be happy. However, if you have not figured out how to enjoy your own company, you will hardly be able to have a healthy and complete relationship. Have fun with yourself and no matter how long it takes to find someone, you’ll be fine.

6- What do I expect from this relationship?

Maybe you are looking for support, or you just want company or you are wanting true love. You may be looking for a best friend or just a “good time”. The fact is, you need to discover these things before starting a new relationship. This is the only way to tell whether you are going to compromise for the right reasons and whether your new partner will be able to give you what you really want or not.

7- Do you love yourself?

It may sound cliché, but you can’t love another person if you don’t love yourself in the first place. When you don’t feel worthy of love, you can refuse the love that people try to give you. This can be a challenge that, in addition to being harmful, ends up being very frustrating for your partner.

8- What kind of relationship are you looking for?

In other words, how serious do you want your next relationship to be? This is an essential issue for your own well-being and that of your future partner.

If you want a fun adventure or someone to stop for a serious appointment, you must be clear about it. Whatever your case, you need to discuss the matter with your potential partner before starting the relationship. This will prevent both of you wasting time or having false expectations.

9- How were your previous relationships?

There are many reasons why a relationship may have gone wrong. It is important to make a list of things that did not work such as distance, lack of confidence or infidelity . This will help you to find objective solutions. On the other hand, the positive parts of a healthy relationship are important to be analyzed.

If it is difficult for you to identify what was good about your past relationships, look around and enjoy the lessons of other people’s relationships. Then decide what aspects you are looking for in a new relationship.

10- Do you know yourself?

Do you know who you are as a person? Do you know what you want in life? What are your values? These are vital information that you need to analyze about yourself before starting a life with someone else. If you don’t know yourself, how can you expect someone else to know what you want?

11- Is he the type of person you want in your life?

Just because someone shares your taste in movies, books, food or activities doesn’t mean it is perfect for you. You need to dig deeper. Do they share your beliefs? We are not just talking about religion or politics, but about worldview. Is he passionate about what he does? Do you see yourself in 20 years with him? Are his goals compatible with yours?

12 – Do you really want to be in a relationship again?

Did you realize that you had a lot of relationships or did you get to the point where you need to recover from the break-up that went on? Do you need to be alone for a while? If so, perhaps you should follow your instinct and do just that. Sometimes, rushing through a healing process ends up being detrimental to our emotional. Don’t try to rush things, let life take its course naturally.

How to make a decision?

Review these questions to find out if you really feel ready for a relationship. If the answer is positive, go ahead! The most important thing is that you feel good! Do not rush your heart if what you need is time to heal, reflect and get to know yourself better. Sometimes we believe that we will only be happy with someone else when, in fact, the key to happiness is within us. Think about it!